Mesh Chameleon Setup Kit - Adult (Gold+)

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Put together by the award winning  facebook group, "ChameleonsUK", you can be sure you are providing the very best for your pet chameleon.

Top Tips

  • Whilst perfectly suited to adult chameleons you can also start with this kit for juveniles but care should be taken to 'pad' the floor incase of accidental falls.
  • As with all mesh enclosures try to position in a place with good background temperatures and away from drafts. 

Included as standard:

  1. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze XL Screen Terrarium - Approx 61x61x121cm
  2. Arcadia ProT5 22in UVB Kit, Desert 12%, 24w (RRP:£64.99)
  3. Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini 2-pk 2x 35W, HSM-35 (RRP £11.89)
  4. Exo Terra Glow Light/Reflector Med 21cm, PT2054 (RRP £31.59)
  5. Lucky Reptile Thermometer-Hygro Deluxe PRO, LTH-34 (RRP £32.19)
  6. Plastic Spray Bottle 550ml (RRP £3.19)
  7. Zoo-Med Little Dripper, LD-1 (RRP £10.79)

Customisable Options (these adjust the price depending on selection)

  • Thermostat 
  • Supplement Pack 

You will also need to buy (not included)

  • Decoration - including a good selection of horizontal branches for basking

Popular (optional) accessories 

  • Automate your misting with a MistKing starter system

*on the rare occasion that a specific item is unavailable we will substitute it an approved item from an equivalent brand of the same quality and function. 

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