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    Satisfy your thirst for knowledge with the best books available in the hobby.

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Much more than just a reptile supplies superstore

Internet Reptile was established in 2008 by a reptile hobbyist who wanted to help provide other reptile keepers with a great value, one stop shop for all their reptile supplies. Over 10 years later we are one of the UKs leading and most trusted reptile supplies retailers; serving hobbyists and professional keepers all over the country

Despite its growth Internet Reptile are proud to remain a fully independent, family run business with no links or affiliations to any particular wholesaler, supplier or brand. This ensures that our customers will not only benefit from our fantastic range of reptile supplies at low prices, but can also trust our none bias, expert advice and aftersales support that simply isn’t available when buying elsewhere.

Based in the Nottingham, our centrally located warehouse allows us to stock and ship over 3000 reptile products from every reputable brand in the hobby directly to your door in the fastest possible time.   Our size and long-established nature ensure that we are able to offer not only unrivalled quality, but also the very best prices on all the reptiles supplies we sell. 
In turn our customers find they are able afford to provide their own pets very latest and highest quality equipment for their reptiles at a cost near to (or even lower than) the typical cost of inferior or outdated reptile supplies purchased elsewhere
Our reptile team play an active role in the reptile community by partnering with many of the best advice groups, breeders and keepers to ensure that they are always up to date with, and aware of, the latest advancements in research and technology and can then incorporate this into our reptile setups and the help and advice we offer to our customers.
We are committed to building an ever-growing learning zone; full of useful articles, reptile care sheets and blog posts which are designed to help you care for your own reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates at home.   
Our reptile setups are designed to take the hard work out of choosing exactly what you need for your pets, but if you already have some of the equipment our comprehensive reptile housing, reptile heating, reptile lighting and decoration categories will really help ensure you can build the perfect enclosure that your pets will love.  
Shop online 24/7 for reptile live food, reptile frozen food or quality reptile supplies, we are confident our low prices and extensive range will cater for almost all commonly kept reptiles and other exotic pets. And if you are not sure about anything at all, just contact us and we will always do our best to help.  Use the online contact button (at the bottom right of any page) to get in touch with us at any time.

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