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We are happy to answer any questions, comments or queries you may have.  Simply fill in the form below.  If you have already contacted us by another method such as email or facebook messenger, please do not contact us again as doing so will duplicate your query which could potentially slow down our reply.

A note on phone support: In March, when our superstore closed its doors to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, we made the decision to close our phone lines and move all customer support (as well as sales) to our more modern and flexible online systems.  This allowed safe working for our team and more focus on ensuring fast and accurate despatch for the greater numbers of customer orders now been placed online.  We have reviewed the impact of this change throughout and found that both feedback and improvement in first time resolutions has been overwhelmingly positive. There are now no 'on hold' times experienced by any customer and we  ensures that a dedicated expert can be assigned to each and every query.  We therefore have no plans to reinstate telephone support or telephone sales in the foreseeable future.