X-Large Vivariums (<150cm)

X-Large Vivariums (<150cm)

At Internet Reptile we stock a full range of reptile vivariums suitable for all species.  As well as all the popular sizes our Extra Large Vivarium section includes all of the vivarium sizes that are more than 120cm in length.  If you are looking for vivariums which are 115-120cm wide (approximately 4ft) please check out our large vivarium section here.

We stock a range of extra large vivariums from leading brands such as Vivexotic and Monkfield.  We are able to offer home delivery on all Vivexotic models, whereas our Monkfield 150cm (5ft) and 180cm (6ft) extra large vivariums are currently only available to collect in store.  

Our belief with almost all reptile housing is that bigger is always better, if you can accommodate the size bearded dragons are just one of many reptile species that will benefit immensely from being housed in an extra large vivarium.  Why not visit us in store to be inspired by our featured 180cm Monkfield vivarium that houses Darwin, our resident blue tongued skink.

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