Our fresh, healthy and premium quality live locusts make an excellent and tasty food choice for insect eating reptiles, amphibians and other exotic pets. 

Our top tip:

Gut loading locusts with our range of insect foods provides excellent nutrition for your reptiles. 

Locusts don't hide away or make noise, making them ideal for reptiles who prefer to eat live food - which helps to maintain their natural hunting instincts. They are slower moving than crickets, and active during the day, making them perfect for certain diurnal reptiles to catch, such as bearded dragons.

Here at Internet Reptile, we provide locusts in a range of sizes:

  • Small Locusts

  • Medium Locusts 

  • Large Locusts

  • Extra-Large Locusts

  • Adult Locusts

Here at Internet Reptile, we provide locusts in a range of sizes


Our locust tubs are also available in a range of different sizes to suit all budgets, needs and reptiles - from small hatchling bearded dragons and young geckos to other larger reptiles and birds.

If you're setting up for your reptile and are unsure about what housing or lighting is suitable,  or you simply want to find out more about how to properly take care of your reptile, take a look at our care sheets, which provide all the information you need. With our price match promise, we can also guarantee that all of our products are available at the lowest price online.

Our click and collect service is available at our Nottingham store - just reserve your order online and come and collect it, we’ll even have it ready for you within 30 minutes. 

If you’re further afield, we offer a free next day delivery service for all orders above £60.



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