Live Food For Reptiles

Live Food For Reptiles

At Internet Reptile we are proud to stock the most diverse and varied range of live food for reptiles anywhere in the UK.  All our live reptile food is shipped directly from our livefood breeders meaning we can guarantee it will arrive fresh, alive and in perfect condition every time (in the rare event it doesn't you're covered by our live arrival guarantee).  

Our live reptile food range includes all the popular staple livefood items such as locusts, black crickets, brown crickets, mealworms, morio worms and waxworms.  These live food species are incredibly popular for many lizards, frogs and other exotic pets and will help you provide all the nutrition they require.  Our range of super pack locusts and bulk livefoods will also help you save even more money over purchasing multiple smaller tubs. 

We also stock a range of more specialist livefood for reptiles that you will rarely find at your local reptile shop; these include small species such as fruit flies and bean weevils, live edible snails (a tasty treat for blue tongued skinks), pachnoda grubs and cockroaches (adored by most bearded dragons).

As well as reptile live food, our range goes even further; you can now shop a full range of bio active clean up crew such as woodlice, springtails and earthworms which will live in harmony with the inhabitants of most terrariums and bring a slice of nature into your home.  

Can't find what you're looking for? Why not drop us a message. We aim to stock everything you need for your reptile including Frozen Reptile Food, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting.

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