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About Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons make incredible pet reptiles due to their friendly temperament, great personalities and relative ease of care.  Although bearded dragons are perhaps the most commonly kept pet reptile in the UK right now, outdated or inadequate information is still found in abundance online.  At Internet Reptile we aim to break through the myths and settle the debate about all aspects of bearded dragon care by giving straight forward, trusted advice you can really rely on.  Our bearded dragon care tips and articles are based on the latest advances in technology and research so will continually update, check back regularly for more updates or see the latest version of our Bearded Dragon Care Sheet


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Bearded Dragon Products

We stock a wide range of Products suitable for bearded dragons and have hand picked the best of the best for easy selection.  So whether you are looking for a bearded dragon setup, new bearded dragon lighting or heating or simply new decoration for your bearded dragon enclosure you will be sure to find what you're looking for at the best price possible here at Internet Reptile.