Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat (600w) Black

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  • Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat (600w) Black
  • Habistat High Range Pulse Thermostat (600w) Black
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The HabiStat High Range Pulse Thermostat is a highly accurate, high quality pulse proportional thermostat with a range of 26-40C so is perfect for controlling hot spots or in any situation where a control of a higher temperature is essential.

This sophisticated pulse proportional thermostat is ideal for controlling higher power ceramic heaters and for heat mats, where constant warmth rather than an On/Off cycle is required. The function of this thermostat is far more sophisticated and therefore more accurate than the simpler on/off switching devices. 

It will very accurately control heaters and has a maximum load of 600 watts. A normal thermostat switches a heater on full power until the set temperature is achieved. It then switches the heater off completely until the temperature drops below the set value, when the cycle starts over again. The gap between the heater being switched on and then off is called hysteresis. It is between these points that the accuracy of the controller is assessed. The pulse proportional thermostat pulses electricity to the heater all the time, resulting in constant and very accurately managed warmth.

All Habistat thermostats come with a 5 year guarantee.

As with all pulse proportional thermostats you should never use this product with a light bulb or other light emitting heater.

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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Ash Hayward on 20th Apr 2021

    I’ve used these for years and if you know anything about reptiles you probably do too. I’ve had 1 out of about 15 that have had an issue and I ended up fixing it myself. The sensor on the motherboard had disconnected so soldered it back together and all working. Recommended.

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    Posted by Noel Wrenn on 18th Apr 2021

    At first I was a little distressed when I saw the negative reviews but don't listen to them, the products I ordered came right on time and in excellent condition, I've had it on a week now and it's perfect for my vivarium, my ball python especially appreciates it!

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