Flies & Calci-Worms

Calci Worms

High in calcium and protein and rich in fat, calci-worms will provide your reptile with the nutrients it needs for optimum growth and development. We stock both large calci-worms, ideal for bearded dragons and larger lizards and chameleons, and small calci-worms which are perfect for hatchling lizards and smaller amphibians. Calci-worms can last up to three weeks in the correct humidity and should be kept in their container at room temperature. You might also have to drop a couple of drops of water in to keep the tub moist.


For smaller lizards like chameleons and geckos, flies are a nutritious but relatively low-fat food, making them an ideal diet staple. Our flightless fruit flies are perfect if you’re looking for a longer-lasting food supply, and we aim to provide cultures that are ready to use after a few days to minimise fly wastage. With daily feeding, your fly culture should last for a number of weeks.

We understand that nutrition is key when it comes to helping your reptile or exotic pet to maintain their health. That’s why, at Internet Reptile, we only work with the best breeders to ensure your reptile is fed the highest quality, ethically bred and organically fed insects.

We stock a wide range of live food for reptiles, from locusts to earthworms, silent brown crickets to cockroaches. All of our live food insects are packed freshly directly by our breeders and despatched the very same day when you order before 12pm on a weekday.
Want to make use of our free next day delivery service? Simply place an order of £60 or more and you’ll receive your reptile live food the next day. If you’re in urgent need, you can also place your order online and collect it at our Nottingham store.


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