Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

Did you know that bearded dragons can live for up to 10-12 years with the proper care? Our Bearded Dragon Starter kits have been put together by our experts to contain all the UV lightingheating and accessories you need to successfully keep a bearded dragon. High quality and affordable, each component of our starter kits has been selected for their compatibility and suitability for your reptile.

A popular UK reptile, bearded dragons are relatively easy to care for, but, as they are native to the Australian desert, require high heat and humidity to mimic their natural environment, Bearded dragons are ectothermic, meaning they use their environment to regulate their temperature, so need a specific thermogradient habitat to thrive. As they need light to detect heat, they require a basking zone with a UVB lighting, to simulate the sun’s rays, along with a dedicated cool side of the enclosure to regulate their own temperature. This means that thermostats are crucial to ensure your bearded dragon is getting enough heat and light.

As we recognise these reptiles have unique needs, our bearded dragon starter kit comes in a range of options to ensure all your beardies needs are met.

Here at Internet Reptile, we make it easy - we offer a 30 minute click and collect service at our Nottingham store, and free home delivery on all orders above £60. Not only that, but we price check against our competitors daily, guaranteeing you the best product, at the most affordable price. Searching for more for your reptile? Why not take a look at our reptile food or decoration to make your bearded dragon feel right at home. 


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