Trade Service

Internet Reptile holds stock from every major brand in the business and can help your business by utilising our buying power, stock holding, expertise in the industry and exclusive brands, imports, animals and much much more

We invest thousands of pounds every month to source the best possible products and we tirelessly work through the whole reptile market to ensure we can stock every product possible and offer it to our retail customers at the very best possible price.  We firmly believe that offering customers the best value products and then blowing them away with unrivalled customer service and expert advice is a winning formula for success and one we can help you offer to your own customers.

The benefits of working with Internet Reptile

We are asked time and time again if it is truly possible to offer a retail and trade service side by side whilst selling to retail at online prices... our answer is simple: "Yes, and by doing so we are uniquely positioned to be your preferred wholesale partner"

Your existing wholesaler may tell you they only supply to the trade; but is that trade the online grey market, pop up shops, Facebook stores and home traders?... we'd guess it is.  Whilst we have no issue at all with real competition we are strongly opposed to these types of 'businesses' as they cannot offer their customers an aftersales service should something go wrong with the product. 

It amazes us how many people ask us whether we can help them fix or swap a faulty product they bought "from a show, Facebook, eBay or Amazon where they managed to find somebody undercutting the shops by a few pence - it is crucial that customers buy from somewhere they can trust will be there if there is a problem.

Our pricing is led by the market, we will never knowingly be undersold.  But it is of course important to make sure you are here next year and the year after that and that means choosing products where you can compete in a competitive market.  We would urge you to put pressure on manufactures and explain to us and them why you cannot stock their products where you feel margins would be tight.

Please remember that Internet Reptile is a family run, independent business, with a store of our own, reptiles of our own and we share all the same problems and concerns that you do... we would ask you join us in our campaign to deliver customers the best possible range of products at great prices and share our passion for delivering exactly what our customers want.

Who can apply?

We are experienced in supplying every part of the industry. Whether your company has a multi million pound turnover or you're a pet shop owner looking to stock reptile for the first time, we are here to help.  We simply ask you are a registered business with business premises and (usually) the holder of a pet shop licence. 

We would usually expect a trade customer to spend at least £200+VAT per week and we offer free delivery on orders of this value. 

If you do not meet these criteria you can still benefit from our industry leading price matched prices as standard, if you can buy cheaper from anywhere in the UK please let us know so we can match or beat these for you.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The most common question we are asked is how customer place and pay for orders: we simply ask that ALL orders are placed online through and paid for online using debit card, credit card or paypal - we do not offer a credit facility.  

We hope we've covered everything else but if we've missed anything don't hesitate to ask us.

How do I apply?

Simply register an account on our website and then email us your business name, trading address and contact number so we can upgrade your online account if your application is successful.