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Vivexotic Viva+ Reptile Vivarium Arboreal Medium Walnut PT4116

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The Vivexotic Viva+ Medium Walnut Arboreal Vivarium is a stylish piece of hybrid furniture and pet home measured at 86.2cm x 49cm x 91.5cm, so your reptiles will have plenty of climbing space. It is practical with its easy access for cable management. Loc

The Vivexotic Viva+ Medium Walnut Arboreal Vivarium is stylish and modern and will provide a distinctive piece of furniture for you whilst also providing a home and great climbing space for your pet reptile which loves to climb.

The Viva+ range of Vivexotic Vivariums has a collection of new features such as "Easy Vent" which allows simple and much easier cable management. With its optimized design it allows plugs to pass effortlessly through the vent via small indentations to allow the cables to stay in place. Replacing and changing your electrical equipment is now as simple as can be, as there is no longer the requirement to remove the vivarium lid or disassemble whatsoever.

Other great new features are the discrete "Frontflow" ventilation system, lockable doors and the availability of 3 different modern looking finishes.

The Viva+ range also consists of much improved dimensions to create more floor space for your pet reptile and substrates along with the adjusted height which provides optimum distance from your UV lighting.

Security has also been optimised with the inclusion of pre drilled sliding doors which come with a plastic 'Sliderstopper' door plug which will prevent escape. You may also opt to purchase a custom designed metal lock if required for further security.

  • Availaible in 3 Sizes from Small to Large Deep and in 3 unique different finishes of Oak, Walnut and Beech
  • New Effective ventilation system is implemented into the length of the front aluminium door rails
  • New 'Slidestoppers' prevent escaping pets
  • Cabinets also available with modern handles

Dimensions (cm): Width 86.2, Depth 49, Height 91.5 (156 incl cabinet)

HeightArboreal: 91.5cm
WidthMedium: 86cm (Approx 3ft)
DepthStandard: 49cm

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