Tortoise Vivarium Setup (T8 Lighting)

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Our tortoise vivarium setups have been designed for homes which may not be suited to a more commonly used table type setup, whilst they lack the 'all open' ventilation of a tortoise table they are great at holding a more even temperature, including linear lighting tubes and helping avoid drafts.  They are very popular in homes with other pets or children as they ensure the safety of the tortoise.  

Always check the space and species requirements of your own tortoise and remember that all tortoises grow large so will need much larger accommodation in the long run.  

Wooden Vivarium

The Vivexotic Viva X-Large Vivarium (115x61x43cm) make a great base for our tortoise vivarium setup as it features

  1. A large floor space (115cm x 61cm)
  2. Full frontal ventilation which is built into the runners, this is more effective then traditional vents which are much smaller and often positioned at the rear of a vivarium which means they are often blocked by walls and do not operate effectively 
  3. A height of 43cm tall means your tortoises will get good UV exposure with the current lamps available on the market which work well at this distance (taller vivs are commonly used for animals that can climb and get closer to the lamps).
  4. Stylish design and optional matching cabinet available 

TOP TIP: as long as it remains secure, you can leave both doors a fingers width open for even better ventilation 

Silicone Sealant

Helps to ensure the vivarium is waterproofed as well as is possible and will stand up to every day use

UV Lighting

We include an Arcadia 10% 42inch Lamp along with an Arcadia controller and reflector.

This T8 10% lighting is better suited to forest species such as red footed tortoises which do not require as high a UV output as other species.  As our vivarium is only 43cm tall the UV index will generate a good UV index at this distance in any event.  

Aim to install near the back or front of the vivarium as to ensure a front to back UV gradient.

Basking Lamp, Fitting, Thermostat and Thermometer

We use a quality heat resistant ceramic fitting with a metal bracket to securely attach the basking bulb to the top of the vivarium (a guard is not included as the tortoise will not be able to access the bulb, but can be added to protect against accidental burns to children or people maintaining the vivarium if desired).  

We provide both a 50w and 75w  basking spot bulb to heat the vivarium to the correct temperature - always aim to run the lowest wattage bulb that your background temps will allow for rather then rely on the thermostat to constantly dim down the bulb for you.

The supplied dimming thermostat will ensure that a basking temperature of 32C is constantly maintained in the vivarium which will ensure your vivarium does not overheat as well as ensuring a comfortable environment for your tortoise to live.

A dual zone digital thermometer allows you to monitor both your basking area and cooler area at the same time.


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