Tortoise Table Complete Setup Kit (Silver)

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This kit includes

  • Deluxe Tortoise Table (109x61cm)
  • Sealant
  • Lamp Fitting Reflector Dome
  • 100w Combined UV/Heat Bulb (MVB)
  • InfraRed Thermometer
  • LCD Strip Thermometer
  • Coir Blocks x 2 (Substrate)
  • Food and Water Bowl
  • Hide
  • Moss

The Silver level complete tortoise kit contains all the essentials to setup the correct home for most baby or juvenile European and Russian tortoise species such as Hermmans and Horsfield Tortoises which are commonly kept in captivity.  As with all the tortoise setup kits at Internet Reptile, we uss the larger deluxe table which measures 109x61cm maximising floor space and allowing your tortoise to more freely roam and explore his or her surroundings.  

The heat and light in this kit is designed around an all in one bulb (MVB) which produces essential UVB light, for this reason we have rated it as being 'silver' as advances in keeping have shown that quality high output T5 lighting is even better, check out or Gold kit for a brighter, better table option or or Gold+ to add temperature control too with an included thermostat.

Temperature is mainly monitored using the supplied infra-red thermometer which allows simple point and shoot temperature readings anywhere within the table, tortoises commonly chew and bite the thin temperature probe cables of digital thermometers so this provides a more flexible, accurate way to get readings.  The LCD strip thermometer is included to give a simple quick check of ambient temperature in the table so you can be sure your room is not too cold.  

Also included is substrate, a food and water bowl, additional hide, sphagnum moss and a tube of silicone sealant to allow you to protect your table from water ingress. 

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