Tortoise Table Accessory Kit

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Our tortoise table accessory kit is a quick and easy way to purchase most of the essential items that your pet hermanns or horsfield tortoise will need to thrive.

This kit is best suited to a tortoise table such as the Habistat table which has a supportive arm for the hanging the dome although can be used with any table with a similar stand.  

We include

  • Combined MVB Heat and UVB Lamp (100w - to be installed at a distance of 30cm+ from your tortoise)
  • A large 20cm dome lamp which allows for ventilation and longevity of your bulb
  • A digital twin zone thermometer - so you can simultaneously measure temperatures in 2 different zones
  • Arcadia Flower Boost Salad Topper
  • EarthPro-A, EarthPro-Mg, Nutrobal - all essential parts of healthy tortoise keeping.
  • 2 flat bowls (1 for water and 1 for food)

We do not inlude

  • Tortoise Table
  • Substrates (e.g. coir and moss)
  • Hide (most tables have this built in)
  • Food and any other required supplements.

Always research carefully before purchasing any pet and ensure you understand its needs and requirements fully.  On occasion there may be supply issues with a particular branded product, so we can ensure continued stock availabulty we will substitute for an equivalent high quality product.  

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