When it comes to creating a home for your reptile, it’s important to ensure their habitat is right. Here at Internet Reptile, we stock reptile substrates in a range of pack sizes and materials to meet your every need. It’s simple - in order to keep your reptile happy, comfortable and healthy, you need to provide the perfect environment for them to live. And, what’s more important than sleep? 

We have all the materials you need to create the ideal space for your reptile including:

Bio-active substrates - packed with nutrients for your terrarium.

Fibre substrates - ideal for snakes and tortoises.

Carpets and mats - protective and non-abrasive

Our handy species specific substrates range makes it simple for you to pick out the natural substrate for your reptile. If you’re still unsure of what reptile substrate is right for your pet, why not take a look at our care sheets which are packed full of helpful information and things you need to know. 

Once you’ve decided what to purchase, we’ll even offer free next day delivery when you spend over £60. If you need your order even quicker, make use of the click and collect service at our Nottingham store - simply reserve your products online and pick them up in 30 minutes. Our lowest price match promise means won’t be beaten for price, or quality. 


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