Spiders & Scorpions

At Internet Reptile - Nottingham we stock a number of species of spiders and scorpions. 

We aim to have a small but diverse selection of popular species rather than endless stockists that rarely sell.  This allows us to maximise quality and keep a closer eye on the invertebrates we do have in stock.  If you can't see what you are looking for we work closely with a number of wholesalers and breeders and can often order species in specially for you... just ask.


0.0.2 Brazilian Black And White Tarantula, Spiderling £8.99

0.0.2 Puerto Rican Pink-Toe Tarantula £29.99

0.0.1 Suntiger Tarantula, Spiderling £17.99

0.0.1 Trinidad Chervron (psalmopoeus cambridge) £19.95 

0.0.1 Costa Rican Chevron (psalmopocus reduncus) £16.99
0.0.1 Black furry (chaetopelma olivacevum) £16.99
0.0.1 Mexican Red Rump £9.99



0.0.3 Asian Blue Forest Scorpion (H cyaneus) £14.99

0.0.1 Scorpion - Giant Vinegaroon Scorpion £34.99

0.0.2 Scorpion - Israeli Gold Scorpion/Large Claw £11.99

0.1.0 Scorpion - Pygmy Wood Scorpion (Adult) £19.99


We also stock a full range of the correct equipment for all animals in store.

This stock list was correct as of 7th March 2019, but some animals can sell quickly, please give us a call or send us a message to check availability before making a special journey.