Resin Hides

Resin Hides

For many reptiles, feeling safe and secure is crucial. While some reptile owners may decide to remove hides from housing to keep visibility of their pet, this can be detrimental for the health of your reptile. This is because reptiles have strong hiding instincts to protect themselves from predators in the wild. While this risk is non-existent in captivity, failing to create the ideal habitat can still cause chronic stress, which can have a detrimental impact on their immune system and overall health. Reptiles who are provided secure hiding spaces have lower stress levels and tend to live longer. 

When choosing a hide, it’s important to consider the instincts and behaviour of your pet. Many reptiles use hides for basking, sleeping, shedding or to thermoregulate, while younger animals prefer to squeeze into smaller spaces to feel most secure. 

We stock a wide range of affordable resin hides from trusted brands such as Exo-Terra and Komodo,  in a range of sizes and styles, along with other artificial hides, natural hides and water and feeding equipment

Here at Internet Reptile, we monitor our competitors’ prices daily, while our lowest price match promise ensures we’re offering the best products at the lowest prices. Order now for free next day delivery on all orders over £60, or click and collect your reptile hides at our Nottingham store within 30 minutes. 


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