Reptile Supplements

Reptile Supplements

Optimal nutrition is important to reptile health - just as humans take vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reptile supplements can help to ensure your reptile thrives and reproduces.

Whether you’re looking for vitamins and supplements to dust or spray on feeders, or are searching for insect food for gut-loading livefood insects, we’ve got you covered.

Calcium Supplements

Reptiles such as crested geckos, rely on calcium supplements for bone growth and maintenance, to regulate their metabolism and for optimum muscle function. From reptile calcium powder to calcium blocks and cuttlefish bone, we can help with all of your reptile calcium needs.


For reptiles who are sick, or have medical conditions, reptile medication is hugely important. From wound cleansers to mite treatment, we stock high-quality medications to keep your reptile in perfect health.

Our lowest price match promise means we can guarantee you the best quality product at the most affordable price. If you’re in urgent need of reptile supplements, we offer an order and collect service at our Nottingham based store within 30 minutes or, if you’re further afield, we can provide free next day delivery for all orders over £60.

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