Regular Livefood Tubs

It’s no secret that the key to keeping your reptile happy and healthy is to provide them with tasty, nutritious food. At Internet Reptile we stock a range of livefood tubs - ideal for feeding to your reptile, amphibian or other exotic pets - from mealworms and morio worms to black crickets and locusts. Many pet owners prefer to feed their exotic pets live food to maintain hunting instincts and for its freshness and nutritional value. 

Our high quality livefood tubs are delivered directly from our breeders, while all orders are covered by our live arrival guarantee. To provide maximum nutrition, to your reptile, insects can be dusted with vitamin or mineral powder. Simply place them into a sealed container with the powder and shake gently to cover. Similarly, many reptile owners will choose to gut load their feeding insects 

We are the one stop shop for all your reptile needs, from housing to lightingreptile medications to decoration, we provide everything you need to keep your reptile happy and healthy. All orders placed above £60 will benefit from free next day delivery, while we also offer a 30 minute click and collect service at our Nottingham reptile shop. Got a question about our livefood tubs? Our team would be happy to help, simply contact us now.


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