ProRep Wooden Hide Natural Medium

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Pro Rep Wooden Hides are a versatile piece of reptile decor. Your pet will love hiding inside but will also use it as a basking or climbing platform. The hides are a natural alternative to plastic or resin hides such as the Habba Hut. Pro Rep Wooden Hides are available in two wood finishes - the Natural Finish is ideal for rainforest pets like crested geckos, chameleons and tree frogs and woodland pets like snakes. For desert species like bearded dragons and leopard geckos we recommend the Wooden Hide Desert which has a smoother more sandy finish with the bark removed. There is also the wooden log hide which is a complete hollowed out piece of log in a cylinder shape. Pro Rep Wooden Hides Natural are available in three sizes and are larger than resin alternatives such as the Habba Hut. The Wooden Hide Natural can also be filled with damp terrarium moss to offer a humid hide out and to encourage shedding and laying eggs.
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