ProRep Tortoise Food, 250g Jar

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Low protein, high fibre tortoise food combining a range of natural foods, including grasses and edible weeds, which are chopped and then formed into cobs, before being gently dried. Because they are not cooked at high temperatures or finely ground, more of the natural goodness is retained. With a natural scent to aid palatability and added calcium and vitamin D3 for healthy nutrition, this low in protein, high fibre advanced food is suitable for all Mediterranean type tortoises, including Hermann's, Marginated, Spur Thigh and Horsefield's Tortoises, as well as African Spurred Tortoises (G. Sulcata). It can also be used for other herbivorous reptiles such as Iguanas and Uromastyx. - Low Protein. - Added Calcium and D3. - High Fibre, including essential long fibres. - Low grain content. - Includes 29 natural weeds and grasses.

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2 Reviews

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    A waste of money!

    Posted by Nicola Wright on 27th Jun 2020

    It may just be my tortoise but he won't entertain it. I've had him 46 years and to be fair he has never had dried food before but thought I'd try it to add to his diet. His usual diet dandelion leaves, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, sugar snaps, green beans and cauliflower leaves. The pieces of food were far too big and hard for his mouth, so tried blending to break bits down but either way he's not slightly interested in it. Maybe just because he is used to fresh food though.

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    Posted by roy wells on 19th Apr 2020

    Tortoise food

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