A passion for reptiles is where it all started for the team at Internet Reptile. This is where you will find our range of quality, healthy, captive bred snakes for sale that can be purchased after speaking to our staff in store.

If you would like to purchase any animal please check our online resources for all the care information first, then visit us in store where you will be able to ask all the questions and receive all the information you need.

We endeavour to keep our stock lists up to date but some animals do sell quickly so please get in touch with us to check current availability before making a special journey.

Unless purchasing a full setup with your new reptile we will require photographic proof of setup that meets our own standards - please ask if unsure..

Snakes for Sale

Corn Snakes

    • CB19 Normal - £34.99 £29.99
    • CB19 Hypo - £44.99 £39.99
    • CB19 Hypo Diffused - £49.99 £39.99
    • Adult - Snow - £69.99 £54.99
    • CB18 Tessera Okeetee £69.99 £49.99
    • CB18 Caramel Motley £69.99 £49.99
    • CB18 Miami £69.99 £49.99
    • CB18 Miami Motley £69.99 £49.99
    • CB18 Miami Tessera £69.99 £49.99

King Snakes

    • CB18 0.1 Desert King Snake £49

Hognose Snakes

    • Albino (Het Snow) £69.99
    • Albino (Het Toffee) £69.99

Royal Pythons

    • CB18 Albino £199.99
    • CB18 Pinstripe £59.99
    • CB18 Pastel Clown £249.99
    • CB18 Pastel 50% Het Albino £59.99
    • CB18 Banana Pinstripe £199.99
    • CB18 Clown £299.99 £239.99

Garter Snakes

    • CB18 Checkered Garter £39.99

Last Update: 2nd August 2019

Lizards for Sale

Bearded Dragons

    • CB18 Normal/Hypo £59.99*
    • CB19 Red Hypo/Leatherbacks/Dunners £99.99*
      Save £20 off the prices above when bought with electrics pack - OR - Save £30 off the prices above when bought with full setup
    • CB19 Rankins Dragons £89.99


    • CB19 Yemen (Male) £59
    • CB19 Yemen (Female) £49
      Save £30 off the prices above when bought with full setup

Other Lizards

    • Collard Lizards CB19 (Available Soon)

Leopard Geckos

    • CB18 Mixed Morphs £59.99 £39.99 when bought with setup

Other Geckos

    • CB19 Crested Gecko £39.99 £29.99 when bought with setup
    • CB18 Yellow Headed Day Gecko £69.99

Last Update: 23rd July 2019

Tortoises & Turtles for Sale

Tortoises (In Store)

    • Baby Red Foots £119.99
    • Baby Hermanns £119.99
    • Adult (CB12) Female Hermmans £249.99

Tortoises & Turtles (Special Order*)

    • Baby Horsfields £84.99
    • Baby Leopard £139.99
    • Baby Sulcata £149.99

    • Baby Reeves Turtle £24.99
    • Mississippi Map Turtle £24.99
    • Baby Musk Turtles £29.99

*Please ask in store for further details

Last Update: 14th August 2019

Amphibians for Sale

Other Frogs 

    • CB18 Green Horned/Pacman Frogs £19.99

Dart Frogs

    • Dyeing 'Alanis' £49.99 or 3 for £120

Last Update: 23rd July 2019

Invertebrates for Sale


    • Togo Starburst -Heteroscodra maculata -£29.90 -7cm
    • Pink Toe- Avicularia avicularia £28.42 – 5-6cm
    • Pink Toe -Avicularia avicularia -£55.99 – 10-12cm
    • Salmon Pink Bird eater – Lasiodora parahybana-£27.99 -12cm+
    • Salmon Pink Bird eater – Lasiodora parahybana-£27.99- 8-9cm
    • Golden Red Rump- Brachypelma albiceps -£23.99-1cm
    • Mexican Red Leg- Brachypelma emilia -£29.99- 2-3cm
    • Singapore Blue- Lampropelma violaceopes - £43.99-1cm
    • Brazilian Black- Grammostola pulchra -£24.99- 2-3cm
    • Trinidad Olive- Holothele incei - £24.99- 2-3cm
    • Brazilian Blue-Pterinopelma sazimai-£14.99- 1cm
    • Brazilian Black- Grammostola pulchra -£39.99- 8-9cm
    • Pederson’s Ornamental- Poecilotheria vittata -£59.99-10-15cm
    • Puerto Rican Pink Toe-Caribena laeta-£23.99-2-3cm
    • Cobalt Blue- Cyriopagopus lividum-£49.42-6-8cm
    • White Striped Bird Eating-Nhandu chromatus -£13.42-2-3cm
    • Brazilian Black and White-Nhandu coloratovillosus-£11.92-2-3cm
    • Pucallpa Pink Toe-Avicularia pucallpa-£34.42-2-3cm


    • Baby Pygmy Wood Scorpion-Liocheles australasiae-£8.99-0.5cm
    • Asian Blue Forest-Heterometrus spinifer -£14.99—Sub adult
    • Giant Vinegaroon Scorpion-Mastigoproctus giganteus-£34.99-5-6cm
    • Asian Forest Scorpion x3 - Heterometrus spinifer -£11.96—7-8cm

Stick Insects

    • Indian Stick Insect-Carausius morosus-£2.00 each or 2 for £3.50- Various sizes available
    • Sunny Stick Insect-Sungaya inexpectata-£2.99 each or 2 for £5- Adult pairs available
    • Pink Wing Stick Insect-Sipyloidea sipylus-£2.00 each or 2 for £3.50-Adult Females
    • Macleays Spectre Stick Insect-Extatosoma tiaratum-£3.99 each or 2 for £6- Various sizes, both sexes available
    • Leaf Insect-Phyllium phyllium-£9.99 each-currently un-sexed- 2 available
    • Chunky Log Stick Insect-£7.49-currently un-sexed
  • Mantis
    • Orchid Mantis (L3/L4) £9.99
    • Ghost Mantis (L3/L4) £9.99
    • Malaysian Flower (L3/L4) £9.99
    • Griffin Mantis (Adult Male) £9.99

Last Update: 23rd July 2019

Livestock Policy and Licence Information


We are passionate about ensuring all our animals go to perfect homes which means we will need to either sell them with a full setup or see photos of an equivalent setup before agreeing the sale of any of our pets.

The easiest way to get it just right is to visit us before you start buying anything for your new pet. We have absolutely everything you will need to house and care for all the animals we sell right here in store and as all our reptile supplies are covered by the Internet Reptile Price Promise it means they will never be available for less from any of our competitors.

Our in store advice is completely free and we are happy to spend as much time with you as needed to help ensure that you get everything just right, avoid getting caught out buying the wrong equipment elsewhere and save you money at the same time.  

We are open 7 days a week and our reptile team can even be contacted by phone on 0115 8377877 or via our facebook page if you wish to ask any questions or check current availability before making a special journey.

Internet Reptile is licensed to sell Animals as Pets under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Invoicing Animals) Regulations 2018 and holds a five star Licence (number 097367) for this activity. The licence was issued by Nottingham City Council on 14th March 2019 and remains in force until 14 March 2022. A copy of our licence is displayed in store at Clarke Road, NG2 3JJ