Our New Website goes Live

Our New Website goes Live

Thank you so much for all of you who have helped and given feedback regarding the building of our new website; we are excited to confirm that it has now gone live and hopefully the short amount of downtime we experienced didn't affect too many customers.

Will my old account login work?

The first time you place an order on our new website you will need to register as a new customer as your old email and password from before 7th June 2018 will no longer allow you to login - registering typically takes a minute or two but ensures your contact details are up to date.  

Our new PayPal express feature speeds this up even more by filling in most details for you and allowing you to simply save a password after your order has been placed

Why did we make this decision?

The main reason is that our new site uses more secure passwords - so even if we did copy over your name and address information it would require email password validation - in testing it took a similar amount of time to setup a new account with us then it would to reset passwords via an email link and even then we'd only be copying over 'old' data in many cases

Secondly is privacy and to show we take it seriously.  In light of the new GDPR guidelines, we felt that copying personal data from one site to another should be something you should consent to rather then simply assumed and actioned by us.  Whilst we'd love every customers to purchase from us repeatedly, we understand that some people don't (for example they may no longer have a pet reptile), we accept there really is no goof reason for these customers to have their 'old data' copied onto and store by us on a new system.

What about previous orders?

Whilst you may not be able to instantly view old orders when you login to the new site, don't worry, they still exist on our main system so getting access to warranty information, purchase history, tax receipts etc is never a problem; simply get in touch with us at any time and our customer service team will be happy to help.

7th Jun 2018 Tim

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