MistKing have for over 10 years been engineering the best misting systems for your reptiles and amphibians. MistKing systems are known for their long-life performance, quiet pumping systems and fine but effective mist. Mistking humidity systems go above and beyond the requirements of your reptile. You'll find them compatible for all types of enclosures and setups. Mistking's modular system are perfect for chameleons, amphibians, many more reptile species.

The quality you get from a Mistking humidity systems means that a single purchase can last you years and years before you have to even think about replacing your Mistking system. 

Don't just take our word for it, Mistking systems are used by Zoos, Institutions, Botanical Gardens and Reptile hobbyists around the world. In fact Staten Island Zoo uses a Mistking Humidity System.

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