Microclimate EVO Digital Thermostat

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  • Microclimate EVO Digital Thermostat
  • Microclimate EVO Digital Thermostat
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The ground-breaking Microclimate Evo Thermostat is the first touch-screen digital thermostat designed specifically for controlling the environment in reptile enclosures and brings many exciting new features. The Evo has 2 outputs:

  • The main channel can be set to operate as a dimmer, pulse or on/off thermostat,
  • The Aux channel can be set to operate as an on/off stat or timed controller

The Microclimate Evo Thermostats name as well as each channel name can be customised! In addition, both channels can be set to heating or cooling or for fixed control.

The Evo has a choice of 4 different time zone settings so that several naturalistic temperature periods can be set throughout the day - either Constant (one), Day/Night (two), Multi Control (four) or Periodic Control (output activated only for specific periods - you can choose the hours of operation).

Other great features include

  • A 180 degree display rotation so that users can select whether to have cable exits on the right or left of the unit
  • A self-updating temperature-history graph that shows the last 24 hours' recorded temperatures enabling heater strength, suitability and operation to be checked

Security features include

  • Customisable acoustic and visual alarms to indicate over or under temperature
  • A locking feature on the display to prevent accidental changes to settings being made
  • An external fuse on the base unit to protect the internal components from damage due to external faults or spikes in power supply.

There is even a shop-display mode that can be activated to show off the various display screens!

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16 Reviews

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    I use the EVO Digital for both of my...

    Posted by Dave Cameron on 27th Jul 2021

    My firend recommended the Evo Digital to me when I first started keeping reptiles (snakes specifically) and I'm very glad he did. So to preface this - I have only ever used the FULL EVO Digitals and I've never used the LITE. The EVO Digital is easy to use and setup, it's temp readings are accurate and the schedule plans that you can set are incredibly useful. You can manage the temperature AND the lighting which is a god send. As stated you can program schedules which is massively helpful because the vivariums practically run themselves from that standpoint. It also allows you to set alarms for max high temp and low temp which is great. My only critisicm is that the touch screen on it is a bit naff and not the most accurate (trying to type an 'A' and getting an 'S' for example) but it's no great stress to muddle through and get what you're looking for - once it's set up you won;t really be changing things too much anyways. Overall - excellent bit of kit and I'd highly recommend.

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    Microclimate EVO Digital...

    Posted by Paul Upton on 20th May 2021

    This is a awesome piece of kit, highly recommend it!

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    Accurate and easy to...

    Posted by Julie Hinsley on 1st Jul 2020

    Love the evo stat. So flexible it allows you to use it as a dimmer, pulse or on/off. I use it for a spot bulb during the day and ceramic at night. It dims nicely and is very accurate and sensitive activating within .2 c. There are 8 settings for time zones. I graduate the heat during the day to start off cool then going up to a basking period then slowly going back down to coincide with the lights. There is a low setting at night on the ceramic. Very easy to set up and nice large and bright display. If you don’t like the display light on all the time like in your bedroom you can set it to go off after say an hour. It seems expensive but is worth every penny and have used Microclimate for decades.

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    Dose as it say’s on the...

    Posted by Erin Bateman on 30th Jun 2020

    Fast delivery I ordered on the Friday morning (I paid the extra £1.50 for next day) Royal Mail received the item on the Friday and I got a text from them saying it would be delivered on the Saturday (happy days, I thought) however Royal Mail being Royal Mail decided they wanted an extra tea break that day and didn’t deliver it till the Monday (same day as I would of received the Evo plus) if I had free delivery. But hey ho. The Evo Plus is everything I was after and my BD is right at home, no more late nights and mornings without heat, he is settling into a good routine now, he takes himself to bed 5 minutes before lights out and is awake waiting for lights on (including basking light) around 5 minutes before they come on. I’d say worth every penny... Please note this is not internet reptiles fault, it is 100% Royal Mail’s fault for not delivering on time. Unless ordering on a night Sunday to Wednesday. I’d say stick with the standard 48 hour postage until this pandemic is over

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    Posted by gvidas jovaisa on 19th Jun 2020


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    Posted by Ian Betteridge on 18th Jun 2020

    On arrival opened box and looked like it was second hand ie finger prints all over screen and touch screen is very unresponsive takes several attempts to input anything

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    Posted by christopher howard on 10th Apr 2020

    Best stat on the market, I now have six evo's and one pro

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    Not bad, but could have been so much better

    Posted by Greg on 10th Dec 2019

    Firstly, above all else, it does the job. It's fine. My frustration is that it could have been brilliant, rather than just adequate. It's 2002-era technology, being sold at a premium in 2019. As others have said, the touchscreen is poor; mine didn't work at all out of the box, but after a bit of searching I saw a suggestion to loosen the screws in the display unit slightly. Turns out the plastic casing sometimes pinches the screen and stops it registering any other touches - thankfully this fixed it, but it's a shame that kind of error got through both design and quality control. The software lags on inputs, sometimes takes several seconds to register a change, and maybe 50% of the time doesn't actually save the new value at all. Sometimes it'll show the wrong value until you back out of a menu and go back in. Again, not deal breakers, but it doesn't inspire confidence in a device that should have rock-solid reliability. It's also something of a shame that there's no way to network or coordinate multiple units, control them as a group, log data externally, or expand the controls or routines with something more customised. I've priced and specced a DIY unit with four dimmer outputs, capacitive touchscreen, humidity and temperature monitoring, WiFi networking, and a full web interface running from the onboard computer. All that comes in at less than £100. From the professionals, I'd expect better.

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    Excellent piece of kit :)

    Posted by Duncan smith on 6th Dec 2019

    Excellent piece of kit :)

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