Mealworms & Morio Worms

Mealworms and morio worms are the ideal solution for owners looking for a simple yet nutritious diet for reptiles. We sell live mealworms and morio worms in a range of different tubs and sizes for every requirement - mini mealworms, standard meal worms, giant mealworms and morio worms. Our fresh, English-bred Morio worms are larger than mealworms, making them ideal for reptiles such as bearded dragons.

As mealworms and morio worms have tough exoskeletons, it is crucial to ensure they are gut loaded before being fed to your reptile or amphibian, to increase their nutritional value. Why not add some of our insect foods to your order?

If you’re searching for the best price for your reptile food, our lowest price match promise guarantees the highest quality, at the most affordable price. If you’re in a hurry, why not make full use of our convenient click and collect service? All you have to do is reserve your order online, then pop into our Nottingham store after 30 minutes to pick it up. We also offer free next day delivery on all orders above £60, so take a look at our reptile housing and supplements to keep your pet happy and healthy.




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