Lucky Reptile Moon Lamp LED ES fitting, ML-1

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The Moon Lamp is a small mini moon for the terrarium. The lamp only consumes about 1W! As the Moon Lamp works with efficient LED technology, it produces just the right amount of light for illuminating the terrarium at night without disturbing the animals. Terrarium parts in the lamps focus (e.g. branches or parts of the terrarium floor) are stronger illuminated than the border parts of the terrarium. This creates the effect moonshine on a clearing in the (terrarium) jungle.The Moon Lamp fits into all E27 sockets and produces only little heat in order not to disturb the nighttime temperature drop inside the terrarium. As local light source the Moon Lamp is primarily recommended for higher vivariums. For small vivariums or for illuminating the whole vivarium we recommend using the Lucky Reptile Night Sky LED sets.

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