We stock a range of Lizards. We aim to stock a diverse range of species, some more suited to beginners then others but our team are on hand to help advise and guide in all aspects of their captive care.

Bred in Store

  • Leopard Geckos (Bred by Internet Reptile): From £39.99
    we always have a wide range of babies and adults available from £39.99 to £99.99 depending on morph

  • Bearded Dragons (Bred by Internet Reptile): From £49.99*
    visit us in store and meet our small group of beautiful breeding beardies, hand picked for stunning colouration and genetics. All the babies we sell are bred right here by us. We typically breed for high reds and have dunners, leatherbacks, hypos, translucents available. *Priced at £49.99 when you buy a full setup otherwise from £99.99 depending on genetics.  
  • Crested Geckos (Bred by Internet Reptile): From £24.99
    we have a range of babies available from £24.99 when you buy a setup or £39.99 otherwise.
  • Yemen Chameleons (Bred by Internet Reptile): £49.99*
    Well established, grown on males - absolutely stunning. *when you buy a full setup or £89.99 otherwise.

Other Captive Bred Lizards

  • North African Uromastyx: £129.99
  • Male Panther Chameleon: £279.99
  • Adult Indonesian Frilled Dragon: £249.99 (or £449.99 including full XL Arboreal Setup)