At Internet Reptile - Nottingham we breed a number of popular lizard species as well as stock a number of species that have been sourced from reputable UK captive bred sources.  


Bearded Dragons

Our bearded dragons are bred right here in Nottingham meaning you can meet the parents and buy from a trusted source that has known and cared for your new dragon from the moment he or she was born.

We have only a few well established dragons remaining from 2018 and will not have more availability until later in the summer.  Prices are from £59-£99 spending on morph and whether you are also purchasing a full setup, please ask in store for details. 


0.0.1 Crested Gecko £59.99 (Save £20 when bought with a full setup = £39.99)

0.0.1 Giant Madagascan Day Gecko £99.99 (Save £30 when bought with a full setup = £69.99)

0.0.1 Gargoyle Gecko £149.99 (Save £30 when bought with a full setup = £69.99)



We also stock a full range of the correct equipment for all animals in store and would recommend that you speak to us before purchasing elsewhere as to ensure you only buy trusted equipment that your new lizard is already accustomed to. 

Should you already have any equipment you wish to use, please ensure that you bring photographic evidence into store as it is our strict policy to only sell animals into setups that match or exceed our own recommended standards. 

Our stock list was correct as of 6th March 2019, but some animals can sell quickly, please give us a call or send us a message to check availability before making a special journey.