Livefood Guarantee

Many of our common livefood species enter a dormant state when exposed to colder weather. As they are cold-blooded, they cannot regulate their body temperature effectively, so will slow down their body process waiting for warmer conditions – Mealworms, Morioworms, Calci worms and Crickets all do this, for example.

In order to bring the livefood around, it is important you follow a few simple steps:

  1. Unpack the outer boxes and lay out all packs/tubs so that fresh air can circulate around them
  2. Leave the packs/tubs at room temperature (18⁰C-25⁰C)
  3. Do not offer external heat as warming up livefood quickly will kill them. This is the most common cause of livefood deaths.
  4. For bulk bags of livefood, gently agitate the bag to spread-out the insects within. Leave at room temperature and prop up in a horizontal position.
  5. Livefood may take several hours to completely recover but 99% of live food will recover fully providing they are treated correctly upon arrival

In the event that problems continue our standard livefood guarantee applies* as follows:

All of our livefood is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition.  For the most part this happens, our breeders have some 30 years experience in packaging it just right for their journey.  

However, insects can sometimes be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes during transit.  If this (or indeed anything else) causes you any issue or concern, you can rest assured that we will put it right for you by either issuing a free of charge replacement or online credit voucher.

To ensure genuine customers will always be able to benefit from that promise and so we can continually provide feedback to our breeders we simply request that you

  • email us a photograph showing the issue within 48 hours of you receiving your order
  • do not use or dispose of the insects until your claim has been confirmed... just incase our breeders ask us for any more information

*Our livefood guarantee only applies if you are available to take delivery of the parcel on the first attempt made by Royal Mail or our Couriers.  We regret we cannot guarantee the condition of the livefood if it is returned to the depot, redelivered or left and unpackaged at a later time.