Leopard Gecko Starter Kits

Leopard Gecko Starter Kits

Our Leopard Gecko starter kit contains everything you need to create the perfect setup for your reptile. All kits all come complete with a heat distribution mat, a thermostat to regulate the temperature, a thermometer to provide a good thermogradient environment and quality UV lightingLeopard geckos can live up 20 years in captivity with the proper care, and so committing to a long-term care plan, and ensuring you have the right equipment, is crucial.

Like most other reptiles, leopard geckos regulate their body temperature through their environment. As they originate from a warm, dry climate, supplying the correct amount of heat and light for your leopard gecko is important.  

Here at Internet Reptile we aim to cater for all of your reptile needs, and a leopard gecko starter kit is the perfect place to begin. We constantly review the latest guidelines to ensure our products meet care advice, and that we’re providing the best equipment for you and your reptile. We even offer free next day delivery if you make an order with us that’s over £60, while customers in and around Nottingham can use our click & collect service to receive their purchases within 30 minutes. 

We also constantly check our competitors prices, so you can be sure you’re busing the best quality items at the lowest possible price.


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