Leopard Gecko Electrics Pack - Gold (with ShadeDweller ProT5)

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Our Gold Standard Leopard Gecko Electrics Pack has been updated to incorporate the best technology in line with the latest research.

Recommended for leopard gecko vivariums measuring approx 55-90cm wide and approx 30cm or more tall (terrestrial UVB lighting), or 15cm (arboreal UVB lighhting), morph dependant.

Contents Included

(1) Habistat Mat Stat (On/Off Thermostat

A top quality branded thermostat from habistat which will help control the temperature of your heat mat perfectly

(2) Habistat Cloth Element 11x11in Heat Mat

Even, safe heat distribution that is capable of providing gentle belly heat to your leopard gecko when controlled by the thermostat

(3) Digital Thermometer: 

Allows for accurate checking of the heat mat temperature to ensure your enclosure is the correct temperature. 

(4) Arcadia ShadeDweller ProT5 Lighting

Specially designed for crepuscular species such as leopard geckos, this plug and play lighting system is easy to install and highly beneficial.  We now offer 2 intensities, for standard setups and most geckos use 7% terrestrial, however you can now opt for lower intensity lighting where needed; e.g. lower setups, more delicate gecko morphs.  

Still wondering if Leopard Geckos need UV light? Check out our blog article for more information. 

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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Elliott McRobbie on 18th Mar 2021

    Faultless and excellent service, will be ordering again soon.

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    Leopard Gecko Electrics Pack - Gold (with...

    Posted by Ian Newberry on 21st Jan 2020

    Leopard Gecko Electrics Pack - Gold (with ShadeDweller ProT5)

  • 5
    Leopard gecko electrics pack...

    Posted by Louise Graham on 15th Jun 2019

    Fantastic bit of kit.. Highly recommended.. If I need anything else I will definitely be getting it from Internet reptile.

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