Insect Foods

To best meet your reptile's health needs, it’s important that you provide them with the right nutrients and supplements. At Internet Reptile, we stock a wide range of insect foods for gut-loading live food insects.

Gut loading is ideal for those reptiles that require additional supplements and increases the nutritional value of feeder insects, which are normally low in vitamins and minerals. We stock a range of different products:

  • Insect Foods: our insect food is ideal for gut loading common livefood such as mealworms, locusts, black crickets or waxworms. We stock a range from respected brands such as ProRep and Arcadia EarthPro to provide excellent nutrition for your feeder insects.

  • Insect Gel (Solid Water): hydration of feeder bugs is important, as offering dehydrated prey can be detrimental to a reptile’s health.

  • Jelly Pots & Holders: jelly pots and holders for use as food for invertebrates.

  • Bug Balls: water holding jelly balls to provide moisture to your livefood without the risk of drowning.

We guarantee the best price for your insect foods, and our lowest price match promise means we check competitors prices daily to ensure the highest quality, at the most affordable price. We have a range of delivery services available, so no matter where you are in the UK, you’re able to purchase the best products for your reptile or exotic pet. 

We offer a handy click and collect service, simply reserve your order online, and collect at our Nottingham store after 30 minutes, while all orders above £60 benefit from free next day delivery.


Featured Brands

Arcadia Habistat
Zoo Med Microclimate
Lucky Reptile Komodo
Reptile Systems Repashy
MistKing Vivexotic
MegaRay Pangea
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