Heat Mats & Strips

Heat Mats & Strips

Reptile Heat Mats have long been one of the most popular ways of providing reptiles with the heat they need.  At Internet Reptile we have made the decision to only stock cloth element reptile heat mats which provide an even spread of heat throughout the mat and have been tried and tested to be the safest, most reliable reptile heat mat available, for this reason you won't see printed element type mats anywhere on our website.

You will notice that there is a higher wattage on larger heat mats, this is carefully designed to ensure that all mats will run at roughly the same temperature no matter which size you use, typically a standard mat will run at about 30C when heat is allowed to freely escape, whereas a high powered heat mat will run closer to around 50C.  In both cases a good quality reptile thermostat such as a mat stat should always be used to regulate the temperature of the reptile heat mat and ensure safety and comfort for your reptiles.  

The most popular reptile heat mat is the standard type heat mat or heat strip. These are available in a wide variety of sizes suitable for the smallest of vivariums right the way up to large multiple vivarium setups or racking systems.  These are often used as under tank heaters where sufficient care is taken to ensure that thick layers of substrates that prevent heat escape are avoided.  

We now also stock heat mats with an adhesive back, these are particularly useful for when installation is to occur on the side of a glass tank or you wish to securely hold your reptile heat mat in place.  A high powered version of the reptile heat mat is also available which is more suitable for colder rooms or for when heat needs to be projected at a further distance from the heat mat. 

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