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Habistat Reptile Radiator, 75W

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MSRP: £70.20
(You save £12.21 )
Sorry... this product is currently out of stock

Habistat Reptile Radiator, 75W

MSRP: £70.20
(You save £12.21 )

Sorry... this product is currently out of stock

The HabiStat Reptile Radiator radiates a form of heat, ultra-long wave infrared, which mimics the sun making it ideal for heating a reptile enclosure. Purpose designed as an animal heater, the Reptile Radiator directs most of its heat out through the lower, radiating face (2). Made from a carbon element, the Reptile radiator is incredibly reliable and creates 75 watts of heat spread over 650 cm3.Reptiles are Ectotherms which means they regulate body temperature by means of their environment. Your setup must have a temperature gradient(6) with a hot end(4) and a cooler end(5) Your reptile will move along the gradient(6) to find the correct temperature.


  1. Reptile Radiator
  2. Heating face of the Reptile Radiator.
  3. Plug for connection to mains power or connection to the HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat if used.
  4. Hot end. Put the Reptile Radiator towards one end of the cage.
  5. Cooler end. This area will be cooler than the set temperature on the thermostat.
  6. Temperature gradient.
  7. HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat (Not included) 

How to Install:

1. Position the HabiStat Reptile Radiator on the underside of the enclosure roof where it can radiate heat into the body of the cage as a hot spot or as general background heat. The Reptile Radiator must not be floor mounted, either in or outside the enclosure.

2. Attach the HabiStat Reptile Radiator using screws through the fixing holes. It is recommended that a guard is used (Available separately). If there is a wire mesh panel in the roof, position the HabiStat Reptile Radiator on this to direct its heat into the enclosure.

3. Place the HabiStat Reptile Radiator(1) at the one end of the vivarium to ensure a hot and cold end for the reptile to move in and out of.

4. Connect the HabiStat Reptile Radiator(1) to the mains(3) via a thermostat and allow it to heat up and run at full power for 24 hours before putting animals into the cage. We recommend using a pulse proportional thermostat (7) for accurate temperature control and for protection against overheating.

5. During the first few hours of use there may be a slight smell from the heater. This is quite normal, and these harmless fumes should be allowed to vent away. Check the temperatures inside the cage before putting any animals in.

The HabiStat Reptile Radiator is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, in the event of a breakdown of any functioning part of your product, please do not open the unit as any tampering, including cutting any wire or drilling holes in the casing will render the guarantee void. In the unlikely event of failure, please return to Monkfield Nutrition Ltd with a receipt or proof of purchase together with details of the fault. We will aim to return the repaired or replaced unit as soon as possible. No liability is accepted other than for the repair or replacement of a faulty product. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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