Habistat Digital Dimming ThermostatDN +Timer

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Suitable for most heaters and will provide a continual temperature rather than a hot / cold cycle. Separate setting of daytime temperature and night time temperature. Continual readout of current temperature and time. Revolutionary Power Meter continually indicates % of power at the heater. Coloured Icon flashes to indicate function presently in use. Separate timed circuit to turn separate heaters, lighting fans or spray systems on twice and off twice in a 24 hour period. Waterproof, 3 metre long, low voltage sensor. Adjustable alarm function to give visual and audible warning when temperature goes above or below set temperature parameters. Alarm can be disabled if not required. Both upper and lower temperature limits can be set. Comes with preset parameters , so can just be plugged in and used if required. Will not lose memory settings if power is disconnected. Measures to 0.1¡c. Easy to set and use. Maximum 600 watts. 12 months guarantee.

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13 Reviews

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    Habistat Digital Dimming ThermostatDN +Timer

    Posted by Vince Fisher on 1st Jul 2021

    Habistat Digital Dimming ThermostatDN +Timer

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    Works well but there’s an avoidable flaw!

    Posted by Cristina Dobrioglo-Samuel on 25th Apr 2021

    Works well. I use the heat element plug for my DHP and the light element plug for my UVB. It works well but the alarm feature is inherently flawed because you can’t enable the alarm as the change from the day to night setting sets it off. It’s super annoying. Other than that, it does the job well and comes with sticky velcro set to attach the digital screen to the vivarium. However, it’s also ridiculously overpriced and doesn’t come with the 5 year guarantee like other habistat thermostats. I recently discovered the brand neorep and they have an almost identical item for about half the cost!

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    Habistat Digital Dimming...

    Posted by Stuart Bennion on 5th Apr 2021

    I bought 2 of these Thermostats for my bearded dragon enclosures. They are brilliant, they can control heat and uvb separately, and have separate timers available if you want things to come on or go off at different times. The night time setting is also great, it ensures that temperature doesn't drop below your set night time temperature. I couldn't be happier, fully automated heat lamps and UVB, easy to use and easy to set up. I just glance over at the digital display to check the temps every now and then. I don't have to worry about turning the lights and heaters off manually any more. Just what I wanted as I have bought other thermostats in the past but they are not as good as these. Well worth the money. And I could not be happier with internet reptile, they posted them out fast! Purchase was easy, and only took a few minutes Very happy with the thermostats and internet reptile Thanks

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    Posted by Robert Robertson on 18th Mar 2021

    Excellent service and very informative when entering into the world of keeping reptiles

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    Posted by Nick on 9th Feb 2021

    I use these on two of my vivs. Happy with both. Have had no issues and the functions all so far work perfectly .

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    All singing and all dancing...

    Posted by Tamara Willis on 25th Jan 2021

    What’s not to like, quality product that does everything I need. Can control lighting and heating day/night and is cheaper than similar products on market.

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    You Dim me right round baby right round

    Posted by Carl Manning on 10th Dec 2020

    Brilliant dimming thermostat, very consistent temperatures and day night cycle is a nice function as well as the day night temperature change. Works great with the arcadia deep heat projector.

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    Posted by Raymond Taylor on 23rd Nov 2020

    More features than the equivalent MicroClimate device, a better price, and a more established brand. What’s not to like?

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    The thermostat is great but the price isn't

    Posted by Kerry Glancey on 5th Nov 2020

    I would say this thermostat is well worth the price but it's £10 cheaper on Amazon! Don't believe their so-called "Price Promise" because it's a lie and against trading standards. When I emailed to point out the cheaper price on Amazon they said they didn't have to uphold the promise if I already bought the product and then ignored my messages after that. Awful service for an otherwise great product. The thermostat is 5 stars, Internet Reptile is 1 Star.

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    Very pleased with this thermostat!!

    Posted by John Sigsworth on 13th Sep 2020

    We upgraded to a larger 5 x 2 x 2 viv for our Beaded Dragon and I wanted to use a digital displayed dimming thermostat after using an analog Microclimate ministat 100 thermostat which only controlled the basking lamp via a separate timer plug. The UV strip was powered from a separate timer and plug too and the temperature of the general basing area was via an again separate digital thermometer so that we could observe the real time temperature however this wasn’t what the Microclimate ministat 100 was actually measuring. The Habistat digital dimming thermostat incorporates all of the above with only one plug into the wall socket. There is an in built dual socket which is like having an extension lead. Both the basking lamp and the UV strip plug into this dual socket. The temperature of the basking lamp is measured from an in built thermostat just like the Microclimate ministat 100 but this temperature is displayed clearly on the digital display. The Habistat dimming thermostat allows you to set the On and Off times for the basking lamp and the UV lamp separately and these are shown on the display. The switching temperature is also shown in large digits on the display for easy viewing alongside the large digits of the real time temperature. I feel this new thermostat is well worth the price and great for quick checking of the temperature of the viv basking area.

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