HabiStat Crested Gecko Accessory Kit

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  • HabiStat Crested Gecko Accessory Kit
  • HabiStat Crested Gecko Accessory Kit
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The HabiStat Crested Gecko Accessory Kit is easy to set up and suitable for Crested, Day & Gargoyle Geckos.

For Full details on looking after a Crested Gecko please download our Crested Gecko Guide and Care Sheet.

Set Up & Keeper Guide Instructions are now included within the kit to guide you through the process of installation and caring for your Crested Gecko.

Contents: -
  • Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit, 
  • 7% UVB ShadeDweller, 8W 
  • Arcadia Reflector Clamp Lamp with Ceramic Holder
  • HabiStat Dimming Thermostat, 600W
  • Basking Spot Lamp, Screw, 100W
  • Digital Compact Thermometer
  • HabiStat Dial Hygrometer
  • HabiStat Coir Block
  • HabiStat Sphagnum Moss
  • HabiStat Natural Calcium
  • HabiStat Repton
  • HabiStat Insect Snack
  • HabiStat Crested Gecko Diet
  • Spray Bottle
  • HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner
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