Frozen Mice

Frozen Mice are the staple diet for many captive reptiles as well as many amphibians, birds of prey and other exotic pets. As with all of our frozen reptile food, our frozen mice are ethically bred and euthanise humanely before being packed into convenient, clear plastic bags and shipped using dry ice on a next working day delivery service.

We understand how important quality is for your pets when ordering frozen mice online so we only source from trusted, reputable suppliers as to ensure that what you receive is clean, nutritious and healthy for your pets. We also stock a range of sizes from tiny day-old frozen mice pinkies to frozen adult mice… and of course everything in-between. Each size is clearly indicated using weight bands meaning it is possible for us to ship all orders as consistently as possible from one week to the next.

Home delivery including specialist shipping costs only £9.99 for all orders containing frozen mice, but if you are near to our reptile shop in Nottingham you can collect your order using our free, contactless click and collect in store service.


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