Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms PT2843

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A great new fun product from Exo Terra imitating decaying wood with glowing mushrooms, would make a atractive feature to any set-up it will also allow crepuscular and nocturnal animals to see properly at night. SIZE 25 x 12 CM Approx

The Exo Terra Glow Mushrooms add an exciting accent to any terrarium, during the dayas well as at night. In nature decaying wood is regularly used by reptiles, amphibiansand invertebrates to hide, sleep or lay their eggs. Bioluminescent mushroomsoften grow on these decaying wood logs. Just as in nature, the Exo TerraGlow Mushrooms seem to grow on a decaying wood piece. The Exo Terra GlowMushrooms absorb light during the day, and slowly release it during the night.The glow of the mushrooms creates a dim light in the terrarium, allowingcrepuscular and nocturnal animals to see properly at night. The Exo TerraGlow Mushrooms offer a safe spot to hide and sleep, while the moistmicroclimate will support thermo-regulation, hydration, and aid the naturalshedding process of reptiles.

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