Digital Themometers

Digital Themometers

Digital reptile thermostats provide accurate temperature control. These advanced control mechanisms, such as the Evo Microclimate, allow for decimal point temperature measurement as well as region-specific temperature control. We stock products from tried and trusted names such as Komodo, Exo Terra, Zoo Med, and Lucky Reptile to provide a range of affordable digital thermostats for vivariums.

Each of these products is specially designed with features ranging from multiple zone measurements to minimum and maximum temperature range control. These control mechanisms allow you to finetune your heating elements and create the optimal environment for your vivarium.

Digital Reptile Thermostats with Advanced Hygrometers

Reptiles and other species require very specific conditions to recreate their natural environment and ensure they thrive in captivity. As well as temperature control, our digital thermostats for vivariums also include hygrometers for accurate humidity control. 

Find the Ideal Digital Thermostat for Vivarium’s

Take a look at our selection of digital thermostats for vivariums or contact us and allow our experienced team to give you a hand picking out the right fit for your setup.

We price check our digital reptile thermostat against our competitors daily, guaranteeing you the best prices on all our reptile and vivarium thermostats. We can help identify your needs and suggest a range of products to suit your budget and pets.

If you’d rather have a chat in person, please feel free to drop by our central Nottingham store. We aim to stock everything you need for your reptile enclosure including Frozen Reptile Food, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting. Our team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you with deciding what digital reptile thermostats, accessories, food or vivarium you may need.

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