Cuttlefish Bone

Cuttlefish Bone

A cuttlebone is the internal shell of the Cuttlefish, not actually a bone. A cuttlefish is a small cephalopod, think of a small squid and you've got a cuttlefish. Their favourite foods to eat include, fish, shrimp and crab.

What is cuttlefish bone used for?

In the past, cuttlefish bone was used in a variety of products and applications. It was ground up to make polishing powder used my goldsmiths, added to toothpastes and even used in medicine as an antacid. Cuttlefish bone is ideal if you keep turtles or tortoises. Cuttlefish bone is around 85% calcium, so it is a perfect way of increasing your reptile's calcium intake. You'll often find bird owners with a cuttlefish bone in their homes as they are very popular for supplementing a bird's calcium too.

Is cuttlefish bone poisonous?

The cuttlefish bone is not poisonous to your reptiles. Calcium is vital for your reptile's bone growth & maintenance as well as keeping muscle function and their metabolism healthy. If your reptile's blood calcium levels are too low they will suffer from hypocalcemia. This condition can cause you pet to become lethargic and their muscles to twitch. Continued hypocalcemia can result in very serious metabolic bone diseases for you reptile. So the cuttlefish bone becomes a vital part of your reptile's healthy, balanced diet.

Cuttlefish bone is not suitable for human consumption.

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