Crested Gecko Starter Kits

Crested Gecko Starter Kits

Internet Reptile’s crested gecko starter kits contain everything you need to care for your crested gecko. Our kits come complete with thermostats, terrariums, UV lighting, heating, and hygrometers. We have a range of options at various price points from the essentials to all-in-one crested gecko kits.

These kits come packed with you everything you need for a quick setup so you can move in your crested gecko and provide them with the perfect environment to live and thrive. We also stock Habistat accessory crested gecko kits and electric setups.

Crested Gecko Kits for Beginners

Crested geckos can live for between 15-20 years and require care and investment. Our crested gecko starter kits provide the perfect start with the right equipment. Crested geckos, like other reptiles, need to regulate their temperature through their environment through heating pads, shady hides, and water bowls.

Our crested gecko kits also include important accessories and tools. Plastic hides, coconut hides, plants, water bowls, and substrates all add to your pet’s environment and make your vivarium look more interesting and natural. While these kits do come with the basics we also recommend taking a look at our decorations to provide adequate foliage for crested geckos.

You should be aiming to provide coverage on 2-3 sides of the terrarium with cork, plants or other similar items to help ensure your gecko feels safe and secure in his or her home. This also helps avoid conditions such as 'floppy tail syndrome' which is a commonplace issue in geckos kept in bare setups who are forced to rest/hang vertically for prolonged periods.

Fast Delivery and Support 

Here at Internet Reptile, we aim to cater for all of your pet reptile needs, and a crested gecko starter kit is the perfect place to begin. We constantly update our catalogue with new products to provide you with the best equipment for you and your reptile. We even offer free next day delivery if you make an order with us that’s over £60, while customers in and around Nottingham can use our click & collect service to receive their purchases within 30 minutes.

We also constantly check our competitors’ prices, so you can be sure you’re buying the best quality items at the lowest possible price. Our team have a wealth of experience and can help you find the perfect crested gecko starter kit. Contact us now to find out more about our various crested gecko kits.

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