Crested Gecko Platinum Setup

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Our Platinum Crested Gecko kit has been designed to cover all the environmental aspects of caring for your pet crested geckos and makes the switch from a heat mat to a more sophisticated deep heat projector.

Exo Terra 60x45x90cm

Arcadia deep Heat Projector

Stylish Black Dome

Dimming Thermostat

Arcadia ProT5 6% UVB Lighting

Digital thermometer Hygrometer



Supplements & Food:  
We recommend purchasing an elevated plastic bowl and feeding with a varied diet including Repashy/Pangea foods as well as gut loaded, dusted livefood

We believe decoration is a personal choice and prices vary greatly depending on your own tastes so it is hard to find a one size fits all package for this - some kits suggest they include this by simply including a bowl and plastic plant; the reality is, that this is absolutely inadequate for decorating a crested gecko vivarium.  You should be aiming to provide lots of hides and foliage, ideally covering 2-3 sides of the terrariumwith cork, plants or other similar items to help ensure your gecko feels safe and secure in his or her home. This also helps avoid conditions such as 'floppy tail syndrome' which is a commonplace issue in geckos kept in bare setups who are forced to rest/hang vertically for prolonged periods. 




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