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Tortoises for Sale

Tortoises are increasingly popular pets but sadly are often sold in places which do not underhand their specialist needs, confirm their background or help with lifelong specialist care.  At Internet Reptile we aim to offer these fantastic pets a little differently with total emphasis on quality, healthy animals as well as offering unlimited lifelong support to ensure your little one continues to thrive.

We've teamed up with Zoological International who offer quality in abundance and have facilities that are unrivalled in the UK.  Both Internet Reptile and Zoological International share the same complete commitment to animal welfare standards and the guys at Zoological hand pick each and every tortoise ensuring only the healthiest and bravest ones from their selection are sent out on their big adventure to meet you!

Our experts in store at Internet Reptile are on hand to help you build the perfect setup for your new tortoise and answer all any questions you have.  Pop in to our store at Unit 10 Clarke Road, Nottingham, NG2 3JJ to find out more or enquire about buying a pet tortoise; we've got parking right outside and are open 7 days a week.   

Current Stock List


Hermmans Tortoise

Beautiful CB16 or UKCB17 Juveniles and Babies inc Art 10 Certificates

£99.99 when you buy a full setup. (Otherwise £119.99)

@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)


Horsfield Tortoise (CB17)
2nd Generation CB with Zoological International certificate of origin)

£89.99 when you buy a full setup. 2 for £150 (Otherwise £109.99)

@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)


Spur Thigh Tortoise (CB16)

£79.99 £89.99 hen you buy a full setup. (Otherwise £109.99@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)


Red Foot Tortoise 

Nottingham Bred 2015: £175 each

Nottingham Bred Cherry Heads 2017: £79.99

Zoologicial Internation CB17 Babies: £89.99

@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)


Indian Star Tortoise (UK CB17)

£199.99 £269.99

@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)


Musk Turtles (CB17) (not a tortoise but they don't quite fit anywhere else on the site)

£19.99 (3 for £50)

@ Nottingham City (NG2 3JJ)

Last updated 24th Jan 2018
Please note livestock availability can change quickly so if making a special journey please call us first on 0115 8377877 to avoid disappointment. 

Livestock Sales Policy

All our pets are only sold when bought with a full setup or with photographic evidence of an equally suitable home: ensuring our animals well-being is more important to us than making a sale.  

Don't worry our trained reptile team will be more than happy to help assist with this and any other questions you may have.

Tortoise Setups & Equipment

We stock everything you need to setup, house and care for all of the tortoises we sell in store.  Better still we match all of our best internet prices in store meaning you will never spend less anywhere else for the same top quality equipment. 

Tortoise Delivery

We prefer to make sales through the store but if you've spoken to one of our reptile experts first, either bought a setup from us or sent us photos of yours we are happy to arrange a courier delivery for you via who are experts at doing just that.  Prices start at £35 for England and £50 for Scotland.  

*animals marked "at breeding centre" cannot be viewed same day in store. can be reserved for pickup or delivery only.