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We understand that it can be difficult to find good care for your exotic pets whilst you go on holiday.  We are pleased to be able to offer a dedicated boarding program for your pets which is managed by our in store experts and includes the accommodation, equipment, food and a daily health check for one simply all inclusive charge.

There is no minimum or maximum time an animal can stay with us but our service is extremely popular so we'd always recommend making your booking in plenty of time to avoid disappointment as all enclosures are taken on a first come, first served basis. 

Example pricing 

Invertebrates boarded in their own enclosures: 99p per day

Small snakes, geckos or amphibians: £1.99 per day

Medium Lizards (e.g. Bearded Dragons), tortoises: £2.99 per day

(Our current maximum enclosure size is 4ft so we cannot accommodate larger animals)

Summary of what is included

  • A clean, freshly disinfected enclosure (one per animal unless they normally live together)
  • Depending on the species of your pet we daily feed fresh greens, gutloaded insects, specialist diets (e.g. pangea) and defrost rodents.  We will always discuss individual dietary preferences before boarding so we understand your pets preferences and schedule.
  • Clean paper bedding which is sterile and ideal for short term use.  
  • Fresh water always provided
  • A daily health check and clean
  • We are also happy to keep owners up to date with their pets with photos and information via Facebook messages at no extra charge

Substrate (e.g. beardie life or aspen) is not included but we offer all our prorep substrates at 20% off our regular price if you wanted your pet to stay on a substrate during his or her stay.  Please discuss this with a staff member when placing your booking.