Tortoise Table Setup

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This complete tortoise table setup is designed to offer a simple 'one click' purchase for your baby or juvenile European Tortoise.  We have built this kit with budget in mind but rather then sacrifice essential items (a common practice elsewhere), we add value by using our own high quality own brand products wherever possible. 

Whilst this is the largest indoor enclosure we sell, we recommend this for tortoises up to around 3 years (or 100g), at which point they will benefit from something much larger. The RSPCA recommend an indoor enclosure of 180x120cm plus access to a much larger outdoor area where weather permits 

Tortoise table setup contents

  • Large Tortoise Table with integrated light stand.
  • Combined MVB Heat and UVB Lamp (100w - to be installed at a distance of 30cm+ from your tortoise)
  • A large 20cm dome lamp which allows for ventilation and longevity of your bulb
  • A digital twin zone thermometer - so you can simultaneously measure temperatures in 2 different zones
  • Arcadia Flower Boost Salad Topper
  • EarthPro-A, EarthPro-Mg, Nutrobal - all essential parts of healthy tortoise keeping.
  • 2 flat bowls (1 for water and 1 for food)

Recommended items (not included)

  • Any addtional Supplements (e.g. cuttlefish bone)
  • Coir or similar Substrate
  • Sphagnum Moss (extremely important but often overlooked - used to create a moist hide area)

*please remember that when using a tortoise table you need to ensure that it is positioned in a relatively warm place to maintain background temperatures of around 20-25C. Tortoise tables do not work well in cold or draughty areas so a vivarium should be considered in these circumstances.  

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2 Reviews

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    Table was good but extras were...

    Posted by Tasmin Bezer on 6th Oct 2019

    The actual table is lovely. Easy to assemble and perfect for young torts. However the lightbulb , clamp and glass panel were all broken on delivery

  • 5
    Everything my tortoise needs!

    Posted by Gemma on 6th May 2019

    Ordered a full set up for my new tortoise and some extras. The website is full of care info with great product write ups to ensure you’re buying the right stuff. One of my products arrived damaged, customer service sorted this straightaway and replacement was sent next day. My li’l tort loves his new abode and I am over the moon with the price, range and service you have given. Thanks guys

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