Coconut Fibre

Coconut Fibre

Coconut husk substrates and coir variants are eco-friendly products ideal for use as a soilless substrate in reptile vivariums. This material is a by-product of the coir fibre industry and provides a non-toxic, all-natural bedding material for a variety of species to use for burrowing, bedding, and humidity control. Coco husk substrates can be used as a dry substrate or soaked in water to create a more humid environment. This versatility makes it a comfortable medium for several species of lizards, snakes, and insects to nest and burrow. Our coconut husk substrates are also available in different sizes and coarseness ranging from coir substrates to coconut chips.  

Find The Right Coconut Husk Substrate for Your Needs 

As you can see, this versatile material has a lot of applications. If you need a hand deciding on what material is right for you, please feel free to contact us or drop by our Nottingham-based shop to discuss what coco husk substrate you need for your vivarium. All available for delivery or pick up.

At Internet Reptile, we price check against our competitors daily, guaranteeing you the best prices on all of our coconut husk substrate and other products.

We can help identify your needs and suggest a range of products to suit your budget and pets. We aim to stock everything you need for your reptile enclosure including Frozen Reptile Food, Reptile Housing and Reptile Lighting. Our team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have and assist you with deciding on coco husk substrates, nutritious food, or fun accessories.

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