Chameleon Starter Kits

Chameleon Starter Kits

At Internet Reptile, we provide the best quality chameleon starter kits to help you set up the perfect housing for your reptile. We have put together a range of kits depending on your budget, and the age of your reptile. We offer a Platinum kit, a Gold kit and a Gold+ kit, all of which are available for both your adult and juvenile chameleon.

When it comes to looking after your chameleon, getting the temperature, humidity and environment right is hugely important. Chameleons require high temperatures and a moist, humid environment, along with plenty of airflow and ventilation. Our chameleon starter kit, both adult and juvenile, contain mesh cages, basking lights, thermometers and spray bottles to keep your reptile happy. 

To create the perfect environment for your chameleon, we suggest investing in some horizontal branches for basking. If you’re looking for more products to keep your chameleon healthy and happy, take a look at our chameleon food, and chameleon supplements - all of which are available for free next day delivery when you spend above £60. We also offer a 30 minute click and collect service at our Nottingham store. With our lowest price match promise, we guarantee that our prices are the most affordable online.

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