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White Python 100w Ceramic, Fitting and Guard Pack

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The 100w White Python Ceramic Heater is a great quality ceramic heater for reptile vivariums. Producing heat levels that are similar to other ceramic bulbs but with a much slimmer profile it makes the perfect choice for lower vivariums or when space canThe WhitePython™ Ultra Slim Heat Lamps bring a simple yet professional approach to reptile keeping. Each lamp offers the same level of heat as competing ceramic bulbs but are less than half the height. This shortened heat lamp offers more space for your reptile to climb and bask under the heat whilst also offering a more aesthetically pleasing terrarium with greater viewing area. The Ultra Slim Heat Lamps provide a radiant heat source without emitting any light; making them suitable for both day and night use. The infra-red method of heating allows for a basking area directly under the heater, whilst also increasing the ambient temperature of the terrarium. What’s more; as the Ultra Slim Heat Lamps use less raw materials, they are more ecologically friendly than competing brands and are able to be produced for less cost.

The White Python ceramic lamp holder is conveniently fitted with an on and off switch on the top of it, and is highly usable with all white python heat guard and reflectors. Usable with E27 Screw bulbs up to 250W.

Designed for use with the WhitePythonâ„¢ Ultra Slim Heat Lamps, the Ceramic Lamp Holder is capable of working with all E27 Screw fitting bulbs up to 250Watts.

The White Python Ceramic Guard is the perfect finishing touch for your White Python Ceramic Heater and Fitting.  Both stylish in appearance and functional; the guard will protect from accidental contact by both the keeper and pets whilst the in built reflector will help project heat downwards into the vivarium where it is needed.

We stock three great colours of the white python guard; midnight black, earth brown and leaf green.