Ceramic Reptile Heaters

Ceramic Reptile Heaters

A Ceramic Reptile Heater is a popular and energy efficient way to heat your vivarium, making sure that your reptile is getting enough heat to maintain normal body health.

How do ceramic reptile heaters work?

With a ceramic reptile heater you can be confident of a stable temperature for you reptile. Temperature is retained in the ceramic core with the heat is being released slowly. Doing this means that your reptile is not at risk of overheating. We recommend pairing your ceramic reptile heater with a special reptile thermostat, so you can be 100% sure your reptile's needs are being taken care of.

Is a ceramic reptile heater suitable for my reptile?

Ceramic heaters are extremely effective at heating vivariums, terrariums, and other habitats. Because they do not use light to create their heat they can be used as a 24-hour heat source, without disrupting your reptile's body clock. Ceramic reptile heaters are perfect for reptiles that need a 24-hour heat source, such as leopard geckos and ball pythons.

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